The FSAMP project

Discussions with experts in the Uzbekistan and Russian aviation sectors identified “Personnel training “ as a key priority in developing staff competencies in safety management systems in such areas as pilot training, engineering, and the management of the aerospace sector.

As a result, an Erasmus+ project financed by the European Union and supported by the governments of the Republic of Uzbekistan and of the Russian Federation has been established with the aim of developing a masters program in Flight Safety and Airworthiness based on collaboration between HEIs in the participating countries (Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, UK, Spain and Italy) to enhance the competence levels of those involved in the aviation industry in the area of safety management.

The project assists in harmonising the approach to training with the use of international best practice focusing on flight safety, airworthiness and safety management systems. This requires  a change in mind-set, away from traditional compartmentalised training emphasising technical solutions to the use of a formal, holistic top-down business approach to managing safety risk by establishing polices, organisational structures and accountabilities backed by a safety promotion framework and culture.